Main Artist    HA Myoung-goo

Artist, Project manager, Art director, Designer


나는 어린 시절부터 구비문학(口碑文学)을 좋아했다. 수많은 이야기들에 등장 하는 존재는 나에게 인간적 리얼리즘을 느끼게 해 주었다.

풍자, 해학, 대비 등등의 구두에 의한 유희적 표현은 말로전하는 비석처럼 단단한 역사적, 예술적 영감이 되어주었다.

나는 이러한 구비문학적 영감을 요괴라고 하는 대상으로 전환하여 공간적으로 표현 하고 있다.

그리고 앞으로 지금까지의 제작활동을 통해 발견한 몇 가지의 가능성을 집약하여 보여주고 싶다. 그것은 예컨대, 이야기-->입체-->영상 등의 물리적 변화와 확장 성, 공간 구성 시 다른 소재와 작품의 혼재를 통한 정적 공간의 스토리 성 향상에 대한 것이다.

나는 나의 작품을 통해 현시대를 함께 살아가는 여러분과의 사회적, 인간적 커뮤니케이션을 강화시켜주는 하나의 장치로서 공간, 개념 구성을 목표로 하고 있다







Korean artist Ha Myoung goo who is based in Japan and has been expanding his career internationally. He has many experiences in variety of exhibition planning as well as his works.

After graduating Kyung Hee University in Art and Design, he earned a master degree in Art Research at Kyoto City University of Art in Japan.

His main works is [Monster series] that he gains inspiration in myths, legends and nursery tales to satirize the modern era in three dimensions. When he was young, nursery tales were very interesting which couldn’t get over in his mind it effects to his works until now.

He earns recognition in Japan as he successfully achieved important social projects such as the official mascot of Asaka City and the collaboration of Japanese sports company FUTABA Sports.

After graduation from the master’s degree, he joined Marunuma Art Park in Japan, and expanded his working filed as project planner in various cultural events such as international exchange, artist-in-residence, international workshop, young artists training and overseas arts fairs.

In recognition of his expertise, he has gained experience with various international events form government agencies, including Korea Institute of Craft and Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, Korean Embassy in Japan and the Korean Cultural center in Tokyo and Osaka.

He aims to grow into composite art expert with extensive knowledge and experience and he believes that such activities can gradually name artists and exhibition organizers on the global stage.